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Here we go again… Ever since the Val Gardena downhill I've had a strange feeling in my knee. Something didn't seem right. We did MRI scans and manual checkups, but couldn't really determine 100% if something was wrong or not. After trying the training runs in Wengen I made up my mind. Something's not right…,and we needed to figure out what. Together with the medical team I took the decision to do another surgery. What they found was a meniscus that was no longer attached to the bone. That's no good in a downhill course… Meniscus not attached means no function, and no function means every landing on a jump and every hit to the knee is painful. The good part is that there are great chances of this being much better next winter. The bad part is that it's back to the crutches and no more skiing this winter… Hmmmm. Sounds familiar.. But if it can be better next year, it's more than worth it:)

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